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Every Patient Ever: A Funny Video About Typical Patients

Watch this funny video about typical patients and their reactions in front of the doctors. This video shows hilarious reactions of the patients while taking injections, patients diagnosing their disease via Google search, home remedies, different ways of describing the disease by the patients, repeated questions by the patients, mothers of patients answering for them […]

Watch “WTF Medical Miracles” Showing Ridiculous Medical Miracles in Movies

#HollyShit Episode 17 WTF Medical Miracles

WTF Medical Miracles video by HollyShit shows amazingly ridiculous Medical miracles in movies. And not surprisingly in many movies, we have our famous Mithun Chakraborthy. Acting, Editing: Sikander SidhuContent Writing: Pulkit KocharCinematography: Akash Singhal