Hey guys, welcome to HealthNow tv, and this is unboxing and review of Omron digital thermometer with model number MC 343F. This digital thermometer had features mentioned on the box which says, it has 10 seconds fast read, professional accuracy, last reading recall, measurement in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and measurement accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius.

The box contains a user manual and thermometer with its hard case. The thermometer has only a single button on the front with a display and some technical details on the back side.

User manual mentions some features like long pressing the power button will change the measurement scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.  Indicator label L on the display means that the temperature is less than 32 degree Celsius and H means that the temperature is more than 42 degree Celsius. So, the temperature measurement range is from 32 to 42 degree Celsius, as this thermometer is meant for human use only and not for any other type of temperature measurement.

The reading on the thermometer will be shown when there is a ring of the buzzer. Buzzer notification timing of temperature measurement is approximately 20 seconds for oral, 10 seconds for rectal and 25 seconds for underarm measurement. But for complete measurement of underarm temperature time required is 2 to 5 minutes.

Right now, I am just measuring the temperature of my hand. The measured temperature of my hand is shown when there is a ring of 3 buzzers.

When the on-off button is pressed, the first reading shown is the previous measurement reading, after this temperature of 37 degrees will be shown which is the default and it means that the thermometer is working properly.

Battery compartment can be opened by rotating the cover, and it runs on a 1.5 volts button battery.

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