Contents of Box

Box looks a typical Xiaomi product box and contains only the Mi Body composition scale and a user manual which is almost useless. The product does not even come along with batteries, so you must use your own.

Build & Design

I have seen many weighing scales online and in person, but this one my Mi is having the best design I have come across. On the top of the scale, there are 4 circles which are electrodes for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). There is nothing else you can see on top unless you stand on it. Backside has some details and a battery compartment which needs 4 AAA size batteries to run the scale. When someone stands on the scale, the display is visible which has digital look showing the weight.


Scale connects to the phone via Bluetooth. Weight can be seen on the scale without the phone app but for all other features, you will need a phone with the Mi Fit app. The precision of the scale is 50 grams which means that the weight measured by the scale will be with 50 grams range of your actual weight which is very good.

Apart from the obvious and main feature of measuring weight, there is body composition measurement. After the weight is measured there are few lines below the weight reading which indicates the measurement of body composition which can be viewed via the Mi Fit app on the mobile phone. Body composition measurement includes Body Mass Index (BMI), muscle mass, bone mass, body fat, visceral fat, basal metabolism, water and body score measurement. These all are measured by BIA method and works only when body feet are touching the round electrodes on the scale. BIA is an ability of the biological tissue to impede electric current. These electrodes pass electric current via feet and measure the impedance which is a type of resistance which body offers to the current which is flowing via the scale. Depending on the impedance of the body to this current and data from a large number of people, scale and the app can measure the body compositions.

The app, along with all the measurements, keeps a track of body weight and fat changes over the period. You can add profiles of your family members in the app so that during repeat measurements app will be able to recognize whose weight it is measuring, and you can keep a track of body changes in all your family members.


Compared to other weighing scales Mi Body composition scale is on the expensive side if you only want to measure the weight but considering other features of weight tracking and body composition measurement, this is the best scale you can get for yourself and your family.


Build Quality: 5/5
Features: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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