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Stopping Contraceptive Pills can Reduce Sexual Satisfaction in Women

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A new study published in Psychological Science has shown that women’s sexual satisfaction may be influenced by oral contraceptive pills in heterosexual long-term relationships. Researchers at the University of Stirling did a study on the relation between oral contraceptive pills and sexual and non-sexual satisfaction of women in her relationship by doing a survey on […]

Watch to Know Why & How to Use a Condom

Why & How to Use a Condom1

Using a condom is important, but using it in right way even more important. Watch this animated video to know about why and how a condom should be used. It explains what is a condom. It explains about semen, prostate, ejaculation, sperms, and fertilization. Types of condoms and it’s usefulness it also showed in this […]

Watch How Emergency Contraceptive Pills Act

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This video shows how emergency contraceptive pills act and how much time after sex it should be taken. Use of emergency contraceptives is on the rise in recent times, so much that women use it more often than the combined oral contraceptive pills. This leads to problems with their menstrual cycle.

Process of Menstruation in Women: Find Out All You Need To Know In This Video

Menstrual Cycle Animation Video – Females have periodical Menstrual and Estrous cycle in their body in which they produce eggs which are fertilized if they get sperm. Find an answer to menstruation and why menstrual periods occur in women.Watch the full video and understand the process of menstruation. Don’t miss to share this with your […]

Learn About Male & Female Reproductive Systems In This Animated Video

This video explains about the reproductive system of humans, both male, and female. In this, you will learn about the full process of reproduction in humans such as Spermatogenesis, sexual intercourse, ejaculation etc. Especially learning about the human body is very important.Science Videos for children help them to learn innovative things about the world. After […]