A new therapy for Chronic constipation has been researched on by Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s department of gastroenterology and hepatology. A Vibrating capsule. Findings have been submitted in Digestive Disease Week Convention in Chicago.

This new therapy has a capsule which has a tiny motor which starts functioning after 6-8 hours of swallowing it, which is average time taken by food to reach small and large intestine from the mouth. The mechanical stimulation caused by vibrations causes contractions of intestine which in turn causes movement of its contents downwards leading to relieving of constipation by the passage of stools.

This non-drug therapy is mainly useful for patients suffering from chronic idiopathic constipation who find laxatives, fiber drinks, enemas and other standard treatments for constipation  unhelpful or uncomfortable. According to researchers, 50% of such patients are dissatisfied with the treatment they are already receiving and are worried about drug dependence.

In the study, 26 patients swallowed vibrating capsules twice a week without any other treatment for constipation. This resulted in doubling of their frequency of passage of stools from twice a week to thrice a week. Also, these patients have less difficulty in passage of stools and faced less adverse effects.

Constipation is a common condition which has many causes but main being food less rich  in fibers and having more meat. This kind of eating habits is more commonly found in western lifestyle. Constipation itself can lead to many other harmful conditions of intestine and anal canal which make this new mode of treatment a ray of hope for better treatment of such patients.

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