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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121 Review

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121 Review. Video includes explanation of features like Cuff Wrapping Guide, Body Movement Indicator, Detects irregular heartbeat, Hypertension Indicator & Intellisense technology, contents of the box, display features, how to apply and remove cuff, errors and much more. Video also has a chart with comparison of various models of Omron […]

Changes in BP Readings with Various Positions of Arm Cuff & Main Unit of Blood Pressure Monitor

We had reviewed Automatic Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor HEM-7121 by Omron. In the user manual of this BP monitor, there were many instructions which had to be followed for accurate measurement of the blood pressure. In this video, we have shown instructions about the position of arm cuff with respect to the heart. As per […]