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Mi Band 3 Review: The Best Value for Money Fitness Band

Unboxing Front of the box is transparent with Mi Band 3 capsule with a sticker on it which displays time. Along with it, there is Mi Band 3 strap, USB charge, and a user manual. The battery of the device was down when I opened it for the 1st time and I had to charge […]

Changes in BP Readings with Various Positions of Arm Cuff & Main Unit of Blood Pressure Monitor

We had reviewed Automatic Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor HEM-7121 by Omron. In the user manual of this BP monitor, there were many instructions which had to be followed for accurate measurement of the blood pressure. In this video, we have shown instructions about the position of arm cuff with respect to the heart. As per […]

Why people gain weight & basic principles of losing or gaining weight

Watch this simple explanation, on why people gain weight and basic principles of losing or gaining weight. Maintenance of body weight, is basically due to a balance, between calories intake and calories burning. If this balance is managed well, there is a maintenance of weight, that is, the weight remains more or less same. And […]

Watch & Learn About C-section (Cesarean Delivery)

C-section (Cesarean Delivery)

C-section (Cesarean Delivery) has become a very common way of delivery of a newborn baby by the Obstetricians. It is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen in women to deliver a baby. Common indications of it are labor dystocia, placenta abnormalities, abnormality in fetal heart rate, […]

Hypertension: Watch This 3D Animated Video to Know About It

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Hypertension (High Blood pressure) is one of the most common conditions all over the world which could lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many more serious diseases. This 3D animated video explains the condition of hypertension in easy to understand manner. The video has been created by Nucleus Medical Media.

Watch This Video To Know About Human Circulatory System

Human Circulatory system (Cardiovascular system) is a complex organ system comprising of heart and blood vessels. It is very difficult to understand about this system due to its complexity. Watch this video, which explains it in very simple and easy to understand manner.