Watch this simple explanation, on why people gain weight and basic principles of losing or gaining weight.

Maintenance of body weight, is basically due to a balance, between calories intake and calories burning.

If this balance is managed well, there is a maintenance of weight, that is, the weight remains more or less same. And if, there is an imbalance, either there can be weight gain in the body or weight loss.

But, if there is an imbalance between calorie intake and burning, there will be weight gain. In this example, if the calorie intake increases by 200 calories because of more food intake than the regular intake of 2000 calories, but the calorie burning remains the same at 2000 calories, this extra 200 calories, will get deposited in the body mainly as glycogen or fat, and will lead to gaining the weight.

Another example of imbalance, causing weight gain, is when the calorie burning is reduced by 200 calories, by not doing any calorie burning activities, but the intake is same, then there will be weight gain. These factors are more visible if this trend of imbalance is continued for weeks and months.

This imbalance, between calorie intake and burning, can also cause weight loss. For example, if calorie intake is reduced by 200 calories due to less food intake or skipping meals, but the calorie burning remains the same, then there will be net weight loss. Again, this will be more visible if the trend continues for multiple weeks and months.

Another example of weight loss would be, when the calorie intake is same but the burning increases by doing more exercise or activities, then there will be net weight loss.

So, if someone wants to lose weight, they can do it by, increasing the calorie burning by activities like sports, daily chores and even Kissing, which is found to burn 36 calories in an average person.

Or, you can reduce the calorie intake by reducing the high-fat meals, alcohol, carbohydrates, eating more vegetables and an overall reduction in meal quantities. Make sure not to reduce the intake so much, that the normal intake of vitamins and minerals is reduced.

And, if you want to gain weight, you can do it by increasing the calorie intake with the help of eating more balanced diet, consisting of grains, beans, lentils, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Or, you can reduce the calorie burning activities but this is not recommended, as it might be harmful to your body, especially your heart, on long term basis.

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